Street Photography – Chainda Township

A few weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to go on a street photography visit to Chainda Companion (Township) in the Eastern part of Lusaka. Chella Tukuta, one of Zambia’s leading photographers held a masterclass in an area he knows very well. Check out his facebook page and website.

I was a little apprehensive. There were many feelings of guilt and awkwardness on my part, photographing people from a very different world to my own. I needn’t have worried. We were warmly received and people loved having their photo taken.

My word of advice to anyone wanting to try street photography is – just do it! Most people love it, and if you do so with a smile and a laugh it will make for a very enjoyable experience. ACS_0003ACS_0014Chainda-6Chainda-9Chainda-12Chainda-13Chainda-14Chainda-17Chainda-18Chainda-19Chainda-20Chainda-21Chainda-22Chainda-23Chainda-24Chainda-25Chainda-26Chainda-27Chainda-28Chainda-29Chainda-30Chainda-31Chainda-32Chainda-34Chainda-35Chainda-36Chainda-37Chainda-38Chainda-39Chainda-40Chainda-41Chainda-42Chainda-43Chainda-45Chainda-46Chainda-47Chainda-48Chainda-49Chainda-50Chainda-51Chainda-52Chainda-53Chainda-54Chainda-55Chainda-56Chainda-57Chainda-58Chainda-59Chainda-61Chainda-62Chainda-63Chainda-66Chainda-67Chainda-68Chainda-69Chainda-71Chainda-73Chainda-75

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