Poaching in the Kafue National Park

MWv1 - Final-1We had a very enjoyable weekend in the Kafue National Park at Musungwa Lodge near Itezhi Tezhi, Zambia.

I had wanted to get out of Lusaka for the long weekend and knew there would be clear skies for a spot of Astrophotography as well as the change to capture some wildlife with my new 150-500 lens.

I set up on the first night just outside the chalet, looking across the very large man made lake – looking to the North. In the distance, it was apparent that there were some huge fire raging in the far distance. Probably 30km away or more. When I enquired about these fire I was told in no uncertain terms – “Poachers!”

Poachers light huge fires to drive game – antelope, lions, elephants, zebra etc to drive them in a particular direction or to corner them, where they are then slaughtered. the sheer scale of this was just mind blowing. And knowing that the local wildlife protection team, ZAWA, are grossly under funded and struggle to prevent this.

Such a shame. I thought I should bring this to your attention.

This photo shows these fire in the middle ground. They have been burning for 3 weeks! The bright lights in the foreground are small fishing craft fishing for kapenta. And, yes, on a high note, I did capture a shooting star!


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